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Floral Print Dresses

floral print dresses

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floral print dresses - Canvas Print,

Canvas Print, Floral Evening Dress - 20 x 30

Canvas Print, Floral Evening Dress - 20 x 30

FREE SHIPPING on this item when you purchase 2 or more Canvas Prints from ClassicPix.com, any size -- mix or match. This high quality, durable Canvas Print measures 20" x 30" and arrives ready to hang with all necessary hardware already fastened. The Canvas Print is stretched over a sturdy wood frame for maximum stability and tautness, creating a striking three-dimensional piece of artwork. All prints from ClassicPix.com are made on demand one-at-a-time, just for you -- not mass-produced. Our personal hands-on processing assures the highest quality. What do our customers say? "The product I received was absolutely stunning. I can not speak highly enough about the quality of this piece of art. I would not hesitate to order from them again!" (Rated by edsynth2 on 10/10/2007.) "Item arrived very quickly. Was even better than I'd hoped! Many, many thanks! Beautiful!" (Rated by skoiyase on 9/24/2007.) Each of our images is available in a variety of sizes and formats, including matted/framed posters and mounted canvas prints. To see all formats available for this image, use the search box above and enter "classicpix: Floral Evening Dress" (do not include quotation marks). Questions? Feel free to contact us with any question about any of our 90,000 products. We're here to serve you, and we love hearing from our customers!

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Dinner Date Dress June - 2011

Dinner Date Dress June - 2011

I have a dinner datewith my TG friend Lisa next week at a trendy restaurant. Later we will attend the monthly meeting of the CD/TG society we belong to. I am undecided as whether this should be my first choice of dresses to wear for the evening. My second choice would be the long floral print dress with the shawl.

1920s Silk Chiffon Floral Print Flapper Dress

1920s Silk Chiffon Floral Print Flapper Dress

Archive Pic Only ~ Dress Not for sale

Beautiful floral print sheer silk chiffon vintage 1920s flapper dress featuring tired skirting and matching green silk underliner.

floral print dresses

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Sending Flowers For Cheap

sending flowers for cheap

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