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Reception Flower Centerpiece

reception flower centerpiece

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reception flower centerpiece - Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Reception Vase

Flower Bouquet Reception Vase

Doubling as a wedding reception accessory and a super cute bridesmaid gift, our Flower Bouquet Reception Vases are a bride's best friend! Both statuesque in form and stylish in appearance, these one of a kind floral vases provide a helpful service on your big day while remaining a treasured keepsakes for all your favorite girls all the days after! Simply place these vases at the head table to give the bridesmaids a place to keep their bouquets safe as they dance the night away! At the end of the evening, they'll gladly take home the personalized vase filled with their beautiful, floral arrangement.Details:Size: Measures 3 1/2 inches wide by 7 inches tall.Materials: Clear glass *Please Note: Hand blown glass may contain small bubbles. Engraving Options:The Flower Bouquet Reception Vase may be engraved with two script custom lines (max of 18 characters per line) at No Additional Cost.

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Reception Centerpieces

Reception Centerpieces

I decided to do up centerpieces with live plants that were useful. So it's all herbs and berries, except the calla lilies.

Each urn contains strawberries, calla lilies, dill, basil, lavender, thyme,and red cabbage.



Here are the two large centerpieces that Anne's mom created and arranged, and which were on the buffet tables at the wedding reception

reception flower centerpiece

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